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Welcome to my website.  Your source for all things Mark.   This isn't an eHarmony profile, so I'm not going to give you a full run down of myself.  Afterall, if you don't know me already, chances are you wouldn't be looking at this site.  The main purpose of this website is just to track all the little projects and other events in my life that I find worthy of sharing.   You will probably learn at least three things about me by looking at this page:

1.  I am a nerd and, as such, I have nerdy hobbies.

2.  I am generally very thorough.   I post a lot of this stuff knowing full well that 1% of the people who view it will actually care or read every little detail.  I just like documenting things, and more over, I like re-reading this stuff myself and seeing everything that I've done.   Not to mention that I don't have the best memory.  If I document it all, I won't forget.

3.   I am not a web designer.   I do not claim that this website is anything more than passable.   It's functional, not flashy.  Although I do work in IT, it doesn't necessarily mean that making a pretty website interests me.  So be prepared for a few loooong websites with lots of pictures all on the same page.

Here's the links to all my various project websites!

Arcade / Video Game Related:

My First Arcade Machine (2008-2009)
I built this machine for myself.  It was my first arcade, and I knew very little about anything at this point.   It's not perfect, but I'm proud of it.   Some day I will probably revamp this machine to fix a few things, but what you see on this web page is essentially how it looks today.

One of my favorites!My Second Arcade Machine - The MAME Tapper (2010)
I built this machine for a friend of mine.   Giving it over to him was actually very hard for me after having spent so much time making it.   I basically righted most of the mistakes that I made in my first arcade machine.   I'm extremely proud of this thing and how it turned out.

My "Friggin' Epic" Dr. Mario Achievement (2010)
Ok, so this page is a bit ridiculous, but I can't get myself to delete it.   Basically I beat  Dr. Mario on Nintendo on the highest speed, on the highest difficulty setting, and this page documents what I found out in the end scene that that unlcoks.

One of my favorites!Restoring My Grandma's 1956 United Bowling Arcade Machine (2013)
This game has been in my family since the early 1960's.   In recent years, it stopped scoring correctly, so I decided to fix it up and make it work correctly again.  This page documents everything I've done to restore it.

Restoring My Ms Pacman Arcade Machine (2013)
A friend of mine handed down this amazing Ms Pacman machine to me.  This page documents everything I've done to restore it.  Although, it was in such good condition already, saying that I "restored" it is being generous.

Restoring My 1977 Gotlieb Cleopatra Pinball Machine (July 2014)
I finally got my first pinball machine!  It was a lot of work and a big learning experience for me.  I really enjoyed working on it, and I think it's a great starter pinball machine!  I'm very proud of the way it turned out.  I can't wait to play it more and become an expert at it!

One of my favorites!Restoring My Friend's 1980 Williams Black Knight Pinball (April 2019)
My good friend from college asked me to fix his 1980 Black Knight that has been in their family for years.  



House / Basement Related:

Our First House (2009)
We bought this house in May of 2009 and we still live here today.   We've made many improvements since then, but these are the pictures from when we first were considering buying it.

Our Finished Basement (2010)
Our house only has two bedrooms, and we really wanted to have both a guest bedroom and also an office.  So fairly quickly after we bought the house, we decided to finish the basement.  This page documents all the details of the basment after it was (mostly) finished.

One of my favorites!Nerdy Basement Bathroom (2012, Updated 2013)
In 2012 we added a basement bathroom to our house.  I gave it a Super Mario theme, and like most things I do in life, I went a little overboard.   But I absolutely love it, and I highly suggest that you check it out!


Our First Puppy - Zelda (2010)
In March of 2010, Jenny and I got our first puppy.   Neither of us has ever had a dog before, so it was quite the experience.  This page just has some pictures of Zelda from when she was a puppy.