So I recently completed my life long goal...

I beat Dr. Mario on the fastest speed (high), on the highest level (20)!   Awwww yeah.

Ok, so it wasn't really a life long goal, it was really a goal I came up with about three weeks ago, but STILL!  

All I can say is that it was Friggin' Epic.    

If you beat Dr. Mario on any other speed it just has this super lame screen that says "Congratulations, level 20, speed medium"   and that's literally all that happens.     I had hoped something more exciting would happen when you beat it at the highest speed, and thankfully, something did!


The final screen right after I beat it.   Just more proof I guess. 


Next, you get the same text as before with the Congratulations, the level and the speed, but this time it
has a much cooler background.   As you can see theres three little creatures on top of the tree there.
I guess we're to assume those are the viruses that we've spent so many years fighting...

Next the screen fades to purple.

Next it fades to a dark blue.

What's this?  A friggin' space ship.   Who knew those viruses were aliens.   I sure didn't.     Mystery solved.

They get beamed on board.

Then the ship flies away with the viruses.

Next little sparkles continue to fall down onto the tree.   Somber yet still victorious music plays in the background.  
It sits here until you decide to press Start.


So that's really it.  In person it was pretty friggin' cool.  So, it is ridiculous to create a webpage just to show this ending?  

Why, yes, it is.   But those of you that know me, does it really surprise you that I would take the time to do this?

Anyway, try beating level 20 on high speed before you say anything...  :o)