The Newly Finished Ronsman Basement

Jenny and I have finished our basement!   It was actually much quicker than we'd ever imagined it would get done.   I have an amazing dad who helped me SOOOO much, not to mention the help of my cousins, uncles and friends.   Anyone who knows me, knows that it goes without saying that I would not have been able to do this alone, and I'm thankful I know such amazing people to help me out.  

I just thought that I'd post some pictures online for those of you who aren't able to make it over in person.  

Here is the layout of the basement.  I have a bathroom drawn in there, but we haven't gotten to that yet.   Right now there is just a door there leading to an empty space.  That's a down the road sort of project.


So basically, there is a main living room sort of area, and an office.  There's also a work room and two storage rooms.  Then there will be a bathroom some day as well.


Ok, immediately below there are some pictures I took of the basement.   I didn't really think that the pictures did the basement justice, so I took a video too.  So if you're interested and have the time, you can just skip the pictures and go right down and watch the YouTube video instead.

Click here to just jump down to the video instead!

Anyway, here are the pictures.

Right down the steps there are three doors.

The door immediately on the right is our storage room.  Oooh, look at all the junk!

More of our stuff.  As you can see, plenty of room left in the storage room!

The door in the middle, directly down from the stairs will be the bathroom.  But there's nothing in there right now, so it's a door to no where.   But the room to the left of that goes to my work room shown below.   The cabinets and the counter top were from my parents kitchen.  They are in the process of getting it remodeled and they were nice enough to give me their old stuff.  It's really nice for a work room!   It should be nice to work with once I have some time to work on some more arcade machines.

Just a picture looking the other direction in the work room.  There's another cabinet over there.   Everything is drywalled in there.   I did that, as my dad suggested, so that I wouldn't accidentally put a 2x4 through the wall some day!

Then here is the main room.   As you can see I finally got my arcade machine in a suitable setting.  It's not in a dank, cold, unfinished basement, and it's not in storage.  It's out and working like it should be!

We put it at an angle right next to the steps.   It looks nice and doesn't hide the artwork that way.

On the left are all our movies.  Then in the back is currently a poker table.  There will be a real bar going here some day.  My parents and my grandma donated the furniture down there.  Not too shabby for a basement!

Next item I want to buy is a big ol' TV to replace this tiny one.   But you can see the Rock Band stuff finally has a place to sit.   It's just too big to sit in a living room, but it's just fine down here!

This is our fancy little corner we put in.  Basically, it's the world fanciest sump pump cover.   This actually isn't finished yet, as you can see.  We are going to build some doors in the front of it, and then laminate that shelf thats on there.  This will be where we store the liquor and etc.   I stained it and varnished it, and I like the way it turned out. Great idea Uncle Jerry!

We put a little mini ceiling inside of the corner, along with a light.   I would GLADLY do the entire ceiling for the big room again before I do this little ceiling again.  It was just a pain in the butt to get in there and right for some reason.  But it turned out ok.

This is the wall above where the bar will be some day.  We boxed in the window so a little light gets in there during the day, which is nice.

Here is just another view of the basement from the other direction.

The smaller storage room in the basement I made into what I refer to as the "mad scientist lab"   This is just where I will be working on the software stuff for my future arcade machines.

The little room is reall just to hide the fuse box and the water heater.

Then lastly is the office.

We painted it a bright orange color.  There's no window in this room, so we thought a brighter color would work better in there.  We also found this art work on the wall that matched it extremely well.

All of Jenny's books on display finally.  I know she's excited!

Here is my desk with my computer.  Also there is our TV on a wall mount there. It's got a movable mount so Jenny can direct the TV towards her when she wants to watch it too.

All my nerdy books are on display as well...

And here is Jenny's desk area!  It's a decent size office and it worked out great!


Here is the you tube video with the full walkthrough of the basement.   It's a couple minutes long, but it gives you a much better picture of what the basement is really like than the pictures above do.


So that's everything!   We just have to finish the sump pump corner, build a bar, and then some day put in a bathroom. 

We love our new basement!